The Capo Soft Square

The Capo Soft Square

by | 17 Jun 2022 | News

Circle Pendants

Capo Soft is a slim light profile, an expression of design that combines functionality and emotion.

The minimalism of the structure combined with the internal light emission gives Zero an incredible lightness, a cut of light floating in the air. It fits perfectly in both large and small spaces.

All sizes are equipped with LED technology. Lots of available diameters make Сapo Soft particularly suitable for creative multiple compositions.

Capo Soft surprises with its ability to communicate elegance and beauty in every version.

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Cerchio Lighting

Cerchio Lighting has extensive experience in custom fabrication and manufacturing of both decorative and technical lighting fixtures and systems. We have global resources and long standing relationships with a plethora of suppliers that specialize in all aspects of lighting.


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