Reflexa Twisted Wall Collection

A luxurious chandelier with a thin metal frame, Reflexa harmoniously combines classic and modern motifs in its design.

The elegant model from Marchetti Illuminazione is equipped with a light and very neat frame system represented by a thin metal hoop. Nice glass flasks descend from a perfectly flat circle. When the light is on, the clear glass becomes sparkling.

NamePart NumberColorDimensionsMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
REFLEXA ТWISTED AP1056.058.01 / 056.058.10varies30cm(11.81") х 15cm(5.90") Н:25cm(9.84")Murano glassLED Specification Sheet PDF
REFLEXA ТWISTED AP2056.058.02 / 056.058.20varies30cm(11.81") х 15cm(5.90") Н:38cm(14.96")Murano glassLED Specification Sheet PDF
REFLEXA ТWISTED AP3056.058.03 / 056.058.30varies41cm(16.14") х 21cm(8.26") Н:52cm(20.47")Murano glassLED Specification Sheet PDF

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