Floor lamp Nashira adorns living spaces with sparkling light effects.It features a steel frame, finished in polished nickel or 24 Kt Gold, and a diffuser enriched by bevelled crystals with 30% lead. The precious crystals, embedded in a fine frame by hand, add a touch of refined beauty to your modern, contemporary, elegant or classical environments.

Part NumberColorDimensionsMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
LG 053.301.01.00 Gold 24K
.03 Shiny Nickel
Ø40cm(15.74") x 57cm(22.44")metal/crystalG9 Specification Sheet PDF
T 054.301.06.00 Gold 24K
.03 Shiny Nickel
Ø40cm(15.74") x 170cm(66.92")metal/crystalG9 Specification Sheet PDF

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