Ikebana Collection

Collection of “classic” inspiration made up of single pendants grouped in ever-changing scenographic settings.

Drawing from the sumptuous and varied decorative sample of the classic chandelier of traditional Muranese arms, the arm of floral inspiration was chosen and identified as a representative element, blown and hand-washed by the skilled Venetian craftsmen.


Part NumberColorDimensionsMaterialLamp Tx`ypeSpecifications
SS3370-1-SK1Glass color: C-CRYSTAL R-ROSE F-STRAWW:16cm(6.3") H:180cm(70.9") D:16cm(6.3")Glass1 x MAX 60W – E14 Specification Sheet PDF
SS3370-3-CN1Glass color: C-CRYSTAL R-ROSE F-STRAWW:32cm(12.6") H:120cm(47.2") D:32cm(12.6")Glass3 x MAX 60W – E14 Specification Sheet PDF
SS3370-9-FK1Glass color: C-CRYSTAL R-ROSE F-STRAWW:60cm(23.6") H:160cm(63") D:60cm(23.6")Glass9 x MAX 60W – E14 Specification Sheet PDF

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