Giotto Pendant

The perfect circle exists and Roberto Paoli made it in polyethylene. Giotto is a luminous hanging ring with LED lighting and available in three diameters. Thanks to its technology, the lamp is a unique diffuser suitable to light up rooms with a comfortable homogeneity. A lamp with an essential geometry that can be used individually or in infinite compositions. The combination of several Giotto hanging lamps can light up large areas with a strong personality: the product is perfect to realize contract projects. Giotto is available also as wall lamp version.


Part NumberColorDimensionsMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
Giotto 80 .LA Light WhiteØ 80cm(31.49") – 5kgpolyethylene LED Specification Sheet PDF
Giotto 110 .LA Light WhiteØ 110cm(43.30") – 8kgpolyethylene LED Specification Sheet PDF
Giotto 140 .LA Light WhiteØ 140cm(55.11") – 12kgpolyethylene LED Specification Sheet PDF

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