Eclissi Wall Lamp

Ultramodern wall lamp with a new and original design.

A wall lamp suitable for corridors, bedrooms, living rooms, stairs for truly breathtaking lighting that gives an architectural touch to the room.

For those who love to furnish with light this is a truly unique lighting body. A Made in Italy product.

Available in various finishes, white, black-white, dove-white, white-silver leaf, black-gold leaf, corten-white, corten-gold leaf, dove-silver leaf, rust-copper leaf or iron-silver leaf.

Part NumberColorDimensionsMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
2140/A25 10.White/10.White 19.Black/10.White 20.Corten/10.White ⠀⠀⠀ 21.Dove Grey/10.White 10.White/13.Silver Leaf 21.Dove Grey/13.Silver Leaf 23.Rust/22.Copper Leaf 23.Rust/22.Coper Leaf 24.Iron/13.Silver LeafØ250mm(15.74) x H:85mm(5.11")metalLED Specification Sheet PDF

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