The “Bamboo” floor lamp by Marchetti is made of metal tube with satin steel finish and opal PMMA extruded tube with a telescopic system that works in the contrast between the floor and ceiling.It is easy to be placed and can be used both at home and in public spaces.

Part NumberColorDimensionsMaterialLamp TypeSpecifications
ST 80 - UBM9XF5S9.43 Satin Finished Steel
Three different sizes: Ø4.2cm(1.65") x 265cm(104.33") / 310cm(122.04"); Ø4.2cm(1.65") x 245cm(96.45") / 275cm(108.26") ; Ø4.2cm(1.65") x 230cm(90.55") / 245cm(96.45")steel / PMMALED

Specification Sheet JPG